• 59 Annie Craig Drive 60 Annie Craig Drive
  • 4.0
Maintenance Fees $0.52/sqft
Price Range $605,000 - $869,000
Builder Beaverhall Homes and Graywood Developments
Year Built 2015
618,851 $869,000
  • 1 + 1Bedrooms
  • 1Bathrooms
  • 1Parking Spaces
  • 700 - 799sq m
399,525 $605,000
  • 1Bedrooms
  • 1Bathrooms
  • 1Parking Spaces
  • 0-499sq m
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Ocean Club Condos 59 Annie Craig And 60 Annie Craig

Ocean Club Waterfront Condos is one of Humber Bay's best condominium developments. Located at 59 Annie Craig Drive and built by Beaverhall Homes And Graywood Developments , this condominium is in the heart of the Mimico neighbourhood and offers easy accessibility to Downtown Toronto. Completed in 2015 , the Ocean Club Waterfront condos offer a wide range of different suite types and floor plans and is an excellent choice for those looking for condos for sale in Humber Bay.

Toronto is a city buzzing with advances. The Canadian metropolitan has culminated itself into one of the vaunted destinations in the whole world. The Ocean Club Waterfront offers quick access to Toronto's entertainment district, laced with high-class swanky clubs, diners and galleries. Commercial complexes, theaters and many other delightful destinations where one can taste luxury and comfort to the fullest are pretty easy to find.


Furthermore, the tourist attractions at Toronto itself carries a classic vibe interspersed with history and modern wonders. The city thus sprawls with people of high expectations and ambitions. Unsurprisingly, when the city witnessed such groundbreaking changes over the years, it also gave birth to one of the most luxurious and comfortable homing destinations in the whole wide world.

Other Luxury Condos In Humber Bay

Apart from the modern lavishes and attraction, Toronto is also known to house one the best global condominium markets. The city is packed with world-class condo projects that comprise of luxurious housing capabilities and tantalizing additional features. Not only that, the city's map is such that almost every major area of the city is a perfect destination for projects. With mind-blowing views, easy transit access and convenient accessibility to the essential errand destinations, the condo projects in Toronto promise a perfectly cozy and luxury laced homes.


The Humber Bay Shores Condominium Community

In addition to some of the most famous condo projects, one of the most authentic and upcoming destinations in Toronto is the Humber Bay. Located in the western part of Toronto, Ocean Club Waterfront in Humber Bay is one of the most deluxe and lush green regions of the city. Looking over the vast expanse of Lake Ontario, the area is filled with fresh greenery and urban flair.

The Humber Bay area is filled with lavish cafes, oriental restaurants, and tempting fashion boutiques. The area also boasts the famous Martin Goodman Shoreline. The shoreline looks over the transfixing waterfront view and is well maintained for walkers and runners residing in the area. The Ocean Club Waterfront condos at 59 Annie Craig Drive is also an efficient living destination. Due to its convenient connectivity to all the major North region markets and other transport services the place is easy to access.

Humber Bay being a versatile destination has given rise to a plethora of tempting condo projects that give an inexhaustible list of features, and Ocean Club Waterfront by Beaverhall Homes And Graywood Developments is no exception. The deluxe condos found at this Western Toronto region need to be acknowledged for their luxurious homes and level of unparalleled comfort

The Explorer at Waterview

Situated near Ocean Club Waterfront at 58 Marine Parade Drive, this vaunted project has been one of most eye-catching humber bay condos. The project was built and launched in the year 2006 by the famed developers Monarch Group. The developers have always had a taste for luxury stays which they never fail to portray in their projects.

The Explorer at Waterview is Monarch Group’s most famous and successful projects. The condo project is built with conformity to modern demands and expectations and has a brochure filled with luxurious features. The state-of-art architectural design and most important of all, a sheerly comfortable home is something you can find easily here. The structure is a marvelous amalgam of steel and glass. It portrays a towering figure decorated with large shiny window spaces that look over a splendid view.

An Appealing Venture

The Explorer at Waterview is a project that saw its foundation laid out and completion between the years 2005 and 2006. The project is a stunning example of modern architecture. The overall structure comprises of two 14 stories towers that house a total of 270 condo units. The two towers are gracefully joined by a five stories podium that makes the structure even more intricately appealing.


Another significant element that the developers made sure to add was the attached balconies and patios with each unit. In essence, each condo unit comes with a versatile balcony or patio arrangement and even landscaped courtyard. In addition to these, minimal features like water accents and seating arrangements are also provided.

All The Amenities and Luxuries That You Need

The home units are another exemplary factors of this project. The units are included with lavish flooring and furnishing. Each unit comes with attached security elements too. The focal point, however, is the spacious floor and ceiling gap of 9 feet. Owing to that, each unit comes with large window spacing. The panoramic arrangement of the gigantic windows acts as a perfect screen showcasing the gorgeous view that the building looks over.


In addition to the high housing units, the project also boasts a long list of amenities. Keeping the need for leisure activities in mind, the developers have included a variably sized swimming pool on the premises. It is accessible throughout the day. In addition to that, a fully furnished and fitness center is also at the disposal that is equipped with high standard equipment to try out. Another great addition is of the sauna and spa facilities that are functional throughout the clock. The residents can also enjoy a candlelight dinner while looking upon a spectacular view of the waterfront in the swanky dining hall. Cyber and party lounges are also available on the premises. For the movie buffs, there is a fully equipped theatre that is always ready for private screenings.

Easily Accessible Location in Humber Bay

Finally, the project is based in a versatile location. It is easily connected to all the required transport facilities. It is nearby of the major markets and commercial hubs that the residents might want to explore.

Newport Beach Condos

Another great addition to the long list of Humber Bay condos is, of course, the vaunted project Newport Beach Condos. Introduced in the year 2000, this marvelous piece is located at 2111 Lake Shore Blvd W. The project is a masterpiece of the famous development company Canderel Stoneridge. The elegantly constructed structure consists of a tower of 17 stories that house a total of 110 condo units. Ocean Club Waterfront condos, one of the most famous and successful projects, as well as Newport Beach Condos, boasts a high level of comfort and oozing luxury.

Architecture That Speaks For Itself


The long and marvelously structured tower of the Newport Beach condos project houses a total of 110 units. The units of these humber bay condos vary from 665 to 850 sq. Feet sizes and also comes in the penthouse arrangement. The structure is a splendid example of luxury architecture.

The housing units are provided with well-furnished stature and also include balconies with seating arrangements. The large sized windows make sure that residents don’t miss out on the tantalizing view of the lake that the building looks upon. The units also come wall plaster moldings and the classic wall panel detailing to give the unit an elegant look.

In addition to these housing facilities, the units are accompanied with 2 stories domed lobby that is elegantly furnished. The lounge of the units come along with a royally built fireplace that adds a classic aesthetic look to the overall structure. The unit is also layered with strict security elements that include closed circuits camera surveillance and two-way voice communication. The monitoring also includes a feed of the garage. The housing domain of the project deserves credit for being utterly modern and yet classic.

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Other than the fantastic housing facilities, the project also has a long list of amenities. In addition to the primary indoor swimming pool and 24/7 sauna and spa facilities, it also boasts a luxurious 24 hours concierge. Residents are also provided with a well maintained and furnished dining hall that comes with a bar and cigar lounge. It also includes private dining and entertainment rooms if the residents are interested.

Except that, there is also a large entertainment hall which is equipped with a plasma sized television and sonic sound systems for a complete theatre experience. The project also keeps the fitness in mind as it provides a well-equipped fitness center along with aerobics and cardio activities room. There is also ample visitors parking space provided. In addition to that, there is also a bicycle storing room with air pump services. Also, residents can saunter around the premises over the cobblestoned walkways through the lush greenery of trees, sods, and floral beauties.

Great Connectivity With Other Destinations

The project is also widely famous because of its secure connectivity to all the major hubs and locations. The area around Ocean Club Waterfront is close to the famous Mimico Creek and Humber River Valley. Also, the location provides easy access to the famous Goodman Shoreline and other parks and hubs in the vicinity.


Since Ocean Club Waterfront condos are near Downtown Toronto, residents have convenient access to numerous cafes, lounges, pubs, theatres, fashion boutiques, etc. Residents will also find themselves at ease when they can access almost all the transport services like buses, subways and cab stations conveniently.

The Tides at Mystic Pointe

Humber Bay is one of the most renowned locations of Toronto. The bustling crowd and urban lifestyle have become a focal point of the city, and it continues to grow incessantly. Amidst this growing market, especially for the condominium’s spectrum, it is difficult to deliver humber bay condos that live up to the high standards of lavishness and comfort. However, The Tides at Mystic Pointe, a state of art project by Camrost-Felcorp surely lives up to the high expectations for humber bay condos. The architectural beauty provides not only comfortable housing spaces but also various featured that exude convenience and luxury altogether.

An Elegant Look

The structure of the Tides at Mystic Pointe includes an overwhelmingly elegant tower designed with the perfect combination of glass and steel. The building is surrounded by lush greenery of trees and bushes and fresh sods. The project that was introduced in the year 2006 is now one of the most talked about condo housing space in the whole of Toronto.

Unparalleled Facilities

The building houses a great variety of living spaces that include lofts, suites, and the most deluxe condos. The 24 stories high building includes a staggering 304 units of luxurious and elegant homes. The houses comprise of brilliant architectural design. To start with, the bathrooms and foyers are elegantly layered with ceramic floors that give it an urban look. Moreover, the bathrooms are equipped with deep tubs for savory soaking and separate showers surrounded by marble countertops.


Luxury and Class

The most talked about element of the houses is, of course, the designer kitchen that comes with countless features. Halogen lights hang gracefully over a stainless-steel breakfast bar. Tile splash-backs and stainless appliances are also provided with the kitchen. Furthermore, the living and dining room are designed to give a classic vintage look. The floors are exclusive hardwoods along with plastered wall designs and a fireplace to complete the look. The ceiling is at a comfortable height of 9 feet that allows the large windows to give a trancing look of the expanding lake and the famous Toronto skyline.

Basic But Amazing Facilities

In addition to the state of art housing facilities, the project also has some amenities lined up for the residents. The list includes the essential swimming pool, spa, and sauna, party and movie halls, a private dining hall accompanied with a bar, etc.

There is also the inclusion of a fitness center along with a squash court with conformed sports standards, yoga and aerobics room, and a well-designed outdoor running track. Residents can also spend their weekends at the family lounge that comes with a barbeque facility. The residents can also take a stroll through the premises filled with lush lawns, trees, and well-maintained mini flower gardens.

The Ocean Club Waterfront Neighborhood

Another significant factor that makes this project tempting is the location. The area's vicinity includes various charming cafes, fine dining restaurants, swanky shopping boutiques, parks, schools and bustling urban lifestyle of Downtown Toronto. Residents can also conveniently access the subway and the city bus services.

These 3 are the top condo picks in the amazing Humber Bay area of West Toronto. The sprawling downtown lifestyle is well felt here along with the tinge of urban luxury provided by these well-experienced developers. So, if the plan is to settle down in the magnificent city of Toronto, the brilliant option of humber bay condos is surely not to be missed!

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