Why You Shouldn’t Save 20% Down

This is a controversial topic for many people and real estate buyers. Every real estate buyer has different goals with their purchase.  But it is important to understand all your options as a buyer, and find what works best for you. And the best way to do this, is to have all the information. I...
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Two Downtown Toronto Client Success Stories

Ensuring long term client success is one of our most important principles and therefore we take great care in which products we recommend. Here we’ll explore two different stories for two separate clients who’ve retained my services over the last several years. The goal is to show the details which go into making real estate...
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9 Tips for finding a 1 bedroom condo in the Toronto Core for less than 500K

In an ever changing Toronto Condo market, finding great 1 bedroom units, in good buildings and great areas, for less than 500K, can be a challenge. But it is still totally possible. I have outlined a few recommended condo building for 1 bedroom units under 500K in another article. But this is just to name...
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Top 8 Condo Buildings for 1 Bedroom units around 500K

In a market where prices are changing so fast and units are selling so quickly, it's hard to know the best places to look for reasonably priced 1 bedroom condos. You don’t want an bad area, you want to avoid buildings that are not so great, but you also cannot spend 800K on a 1...
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Out of the Box Ways to Save Up for a Downpayment

I purchased a property as soon as I could, watching the real estate market in the GTA flourish and imagining sitting on the profit sidelines could cause me to throw up. But entering the market is difficult, not only do you have to have sustainable income for the mortgage payments, you also need a chunk...
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Condos Connected to the PATH

What is the PATH? The Toronto PATH system is a marvelous web of underground walking paths that connects most buildings in the financial district. It is a major transit connection for TTC Subway and Union Station. The path is also home to a network of local shops and services. The PATH is best described as…

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